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I'm that guy from the internet.

I'm that guy from the internet.

Who is Eddie G?

Eddie “Eddie G!” Garcia is a fast-rising Internet video personality and entrepreneur who began his “OMG, it’s Eddie G!” comedy channel on YouTube in January 2013.

In 2016, he exploded in popularity thanks to a string of wildly popular viral videos that helped propel him into the spotlight. 

Eddie's set out to expose people to his Mexican-American roots through comedy, dance, and culture videos. 

Today, Eddie counts on the support of over 400,000 followers across his various channels on Facebook (Eddie GTiburcio), YouTube (Eddie GTiburcio), Snapchat (Eddie GTiburcio), and Instagram (Eddie GTiburcio).

He is best known for his sharp comedy and alter-ego “Tiburcio”, a fictional character influenced by Eddie’s own family, community, and experience living at the intersection of two different countries, speaking two different languages, navigating two different cultures, and growing up between two generations.

Similarly, Eddie’s content and unique style of comedy ride the intersection between education and entertainment. Some of his videos are used in classrooms today to teach students about his Mexican-American culture. With his content, Eddie seeks to not only define, but challenge what it means to be “Latinx” in the United States.

In March 2016, Eddie was nominated for a Tecla Award alongside some of today’s most popular Latino online stars for his work in the category of Comedy.  He was also featured by Univision for his work on Social Media, and highlighted by NBC News for his work on Snapchat. In addition, his channel was selected as a winner in YouTube’s #NextUp accelerator program, marking a pivotal year in Eddie’s short career. In 2017, Eddie (and Tiburcio) won a TECLA award for "Best Facebook Creator" at Hispanicize 2017.  

Eddie has worked with Bachelors degree in Electronic Media Management and a Masters degree in Leadership and Management. Eddie lives in Los Angeles, California. 

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