Facebook Roundup - Week of June 15, 2015

Hey folks...here are the videos making the rounds on Facebook this week (with their legitimate links). 

Dancing Like A Boss

First up is Fik-Shun at the World of Dance Las Vegas 2014. No doubt, Fik-shun is a true performer. My jaw dropped a few times during his performance. Check it out!

Rockstar Catches Beer Mid-Air

Second video is David Achter de Molen, (lead singer for the band John Coffey) at Pinkpop Festival 2015 in Holland catching a beer mid-air, drinking it, and tossing it while crowd walking. Not sure if I should hashtag this #LikeABoss or #ThugLife. What do you think?


As a bonus, here's an interview with the drunk dude who threw the beer. For shame. 

Construction workers play Whack A Mole

Those of you who grew up going to Chuck-E-Cheese will surely remember the game "whack-a-mole". Looks like these guys never outgrew it, even after becoming construction workers. 

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