When You're Lonely AF #TheNewKia Challenge

DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid promotion, but I got some sweet gifts as a result of attending this event and winning (see below). 

Hola familia! I was invited by Kia to a special event in San Diego recently, where we got to ride around in their new electric and hybrid vehicles and rock out to some karaoke. They also had a challenge for the attendees... shoot and deliver a fun video by 5pm on the same day. This was my entry. We won second place! I hope you enjoy. :)

The video is about a few things:


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How to be a "Bad Hombre" with "El Capo" Mauricio Islas #Hispz17

Had the opportunity of attending the Hispanicize conference. I met Mauricio Islas of Telemundo's new series "El Capo". He showed me how to do his iconic stare. LOL.

Thanks to @MrChuy0123 for the help recording this!

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Started from the Bottom: From Farm Worker to Astronaut!

Have you head that song that goes "Started from the bottom, now we're here"? Well, if you haven't...Trust a brother on this, there's a song with those lyrics. For Jose Moreno Hernandez, "bottom" was working as a migrant farm worker in California as a child, and "here" is going into outer freaking space! No joke!

I had the opportunity of interviewing Mr. Hernandez at Pueblo Fest earlier this month and learned a lot from him. His story is inspiring on so many levels. Please share this video if you want to see more content like this. I truly enjoy making funny content for you guys, but this type of content is what gives me life. It not only inspires me...it inspires others. I feel this type of content is much needed, but unfortunately it doesn't get rewarded with millions of views or shares like my comedy videos do...this is why it's so important for you to share it with friends, and especially, kids who REALLY need to hear this message. 

Thanks for being awesome!

These kids DESTROYED the Rosca De Reyes!

On January 6th, I invited my comadres to bring over their kids to cut a Rosca De Reyes that the folks over at The Boss Baby sent to me in the mail. I had a lot of fun teaching the kids about the Reyes Magos (kinda) and cutting the rosca with them. This is what happened:

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Watch Eddie Tell Kids The Truth About Santa! #Scanless

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When is it ok to fail?

In this short video I tell you about a couple of failures that defined my life for many years. Hopefully these stories give you a glimpse into the person who I was, and who I  am today.  


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Tiburcio responde a la invitacion de Los XV de Rubi Ibarra Garcia

Tiburcio responde a la invitacion de su compadre a la Quinceañera de Rubi Ibarra Garcia en San Luis Potosi. 

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Estos son los videos mencionados en el video. 

Paisa Zumba - La Culebra

La Chona

La Mayonesa 

Tiburcio on the Beat (JuJu on the Beat for the Pochos)

English with Tiburcio






Looking for A Job At The Circus #TiburcioAdventures

Tiburcio was invited to get a behind the scenes look at Ringling Bros. "Out Of This World" experience when it came to Los Angeles. Turns out there's a lot of performers from all throughout Latin America, Spain (and the world) working at the Circus!

Unfortunately, Tiburcio got there a little late (Traffic on the freeway, he said) and was not able to interview all of the performers before they had to start getting ready for the show. Still, Tiburcio made the best of the situation and even tried to convince a few performers to put in a good word with their manager, having always dreamed of traveling the world performing for people. 

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NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored video. We did not receive any compensation. However, we did get a few tickets to go see the show and the kids (took my nephews) loved the show. Strongly recommend you catch the show when it comes to a town near you!  You can purchase your Tickets by clicking here


Mexican Uncle and Puerto Rican Gran'pa on RAP MUSIC! ‪#‎Ad‬

What does a Puerto Rican grandfather and Mexican Uncle think about RAP music? 


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Teaching Gueritos How To Dance Cumbia at TacoTopia 2016

This weekend, Tiburcio went to the San Diego Reader's Tacotopia 2016 event. There, he met up with his Comadre Pansha and together they taught gueritos the next phase in their Mexicanization...Dancing CUMBIA! 

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Pedrito Fernandez calls Tiburcio FAT! #GorditosDanceMoreBetter

Today, Tiburcio learns how to dance sexy after meeting his idol and having his heart broken.

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Tiburcio Learns How To Dance More Sexy #GorditosDanceBetter

Today, Tiburcio learns how to dance sexy after meeting his idol and having his heart broken.

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