We took 0ver 100 fans and homeless families to see Marvel Universe Live!

If you got the opportunity to do something great in your life, what would it be?

I recently got the opportunity to see Marvel Universe Live show in Los Angeles. With your help (see below), I got to take over 100 people, including family, fans, members of my community, and homeless families through the Illumination Foundation, a non-profit organization in Orange County to see the show!


For their privacy, Illumination Foundation families are not pictured here. 

Side note: If you're on YouTube or have kids who watch YouTube, you've probably heard of Jake Paul who recently got in trouble for being "savage" and proud of it. My nephews (and million of other kids, including some of the kids on this video) follow him. I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to teach the kids some important life lessons.  I hope they will look back on this video one day, when they're much older, and understand what this was all about. I myself have started to be more mindful of the content I put out. Every day it's more apparent to me that kids are watching my stuff...I promise to be better about it, while being true to myself. Thank YOU, my audience, for making me a better person. 

Love and Pan Dulce!


Thanks to these homies for donating online:

Hope Underwood

Joaquin Flores

Leticia Casillas

Carolina Millan

Alonso Favela

Patricia Kyle

Jr & Esther Ibarra

Marie de Vera Oliveria

Jose Rincon-Gonzalez

Irene Carrillo

Michelle Colbert

Gloria Michel

Scarlett Casanova

Yessy Gallegos

Jeanette Vargas

Sandra Flores

Susie Flores

Martha Alvarez

Clarissa&Luis Gonzalez

Jesse Ledesma

Melisa Melendez

Mayra McNeil

...and our anonymous donors!


Feld Productions

H&M Communications

Fitness Girl Bootcamp


News Footage: KTLA 5


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