Want to help Harvey Relief Efforts, but don't know how?

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If you, like me, were hesitant about donating to the Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief due to reports that (allegedly) so much of the money donated rarely makes it to the people who need it... here is a site that lists charities you can contribute to that one of my followers pointed me to:

👉 http://www.noredcross.org 👈

Some organizations are saving animals:

Some are helping immigrants:


Some the LGBT (Transgender) community:



Some are providing diapers:

Others providing food:


Some are religious organizations:



Others are former military.

If you can't help yourself...try to help those who can, and are.

As for me, a portion of the proceeds of my Mexican Candy Challenge box is going toward helping one of these organizations. Who should we donate it to? Let me know in the comments.


Love and Pan Dulce,

-Eddie G


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