Looking for A Job At The Circus #TiburcioAdventures

Tiburcio was invited to get a behind the scenes look at Ringling Bros. "Out Of This World" experience when it came to Los Angeles. Turns out there's a lot of performers from all throughout Latin America, Spain (and the world) working at the Circus!

Unfortunately, Tiburcio got there a little late (Traffic on the freeway, he said) and was not able to interview all of the performers before they had to start getting ready for the show. Still, Tiburcio made the best of the situation and even tried to convince a few performers to put in a good word with their manager, having always dreamed of traveling the world performing for people. 

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NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored video. We did not receive any compensation. However, we did get a few tickets to go see the show and the kids (took my nephews) loved the show. Strongly recommend you catch the show when it comes to a town near you!  You can purchase your Tickets by clicking here