Complete #EddieGDoesLondon Series!

Recently, I was invited to visit London to make a few videos. Rather than do the typical touristy stuff, I set out to find Mexicans living in London, Mexican food, and a connection with my British brothers and sisters across the pond. 

Here is the entire 4 part series from beginning to end, as well as some fun videos I did with "Tiburcio". 

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Tiburcio in London

The Latino and British Bond

I started this series by pointing out that a lot of Latinos are big fans of British music. 

In fact, even though most of my friends on Facebook are Latino, my newsfeed on Facebook the morning I posted that first video was page after page of Latinos mourning over the loss of the great David Bowie, a British artist. My friend, JULIO RICARDO VARELA even did a nice little write up on NPR's Latino USA about it.

In this last video we explore the music bond and its power to bring people together. We start off with a tour of Camden, where we meet up with our tour guide, Alison, and two guys from Belgium who also love British music. We end the night with a group of strangers in the basement of a pub called the Phoenix, singing to 70s songs (theme of the night) at the top of our lungs. 

I debated a lot whether to include that Massaoke took place on the same night as the Paris attacks, but I opted to leave it out last minute. It seemed to be better suited for a Blog here it is:

Almost prophetically, the lyrics "If it's not Love, then it's the Bomb that will bring us together" from the Morrissey song came to mind. Yes, the same song Mariachi Manchester played on the first video of this series. Love, or the Bomb? What an interesting concept. 

The Bomb

When those terrorists attacked the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan in Paris, people all over the world came together in solidarity. Tragedy has that effect on people. Soon, though, that solidarity turned into bombs being dropped on ISIS and the cycle of violence continued. 

The Love

There's another weapon of mass destruction and those terrorist knew it. Theirs was a direct attack on music and culture, which has the power of breaking down barriers and opening up hearts. Music creates the link that turns into a bond, and eventually, Love. Music is powerful. It destroys enemies and turns them into friends in ways no bomb ever could. 

I know which one I choose, what about you?

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