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"Regalando Bendiciones por todos lados" (gifting blessing all over)

"Regalando Bendiciones por todos lados" (gifting blessing all over)

Who is Tiburcio?

Tiburcio is the internet's favorite Mexican uncle and compadre. He became famous on social media after a series of videos of him dancing (Paisa Danza) and snapping at kids who play PokemonGo (Pokemon vs. Pokemon Go), went viral on Facebook. His videos have been going viral ever since.

Tiburcio is a fun-loving guy who loves to have a good time, but he is also known to be very thrifty, old-fashioned, entrepreneurial, short-tempered, and some say, a flirt (must be his mustache).

Tiburcio's Dream

Tiburcio is an immigrant from Mexico with humble beginnings, but very ambitious. His goal is far greater than to be a social media superstar and  "make it" in America. Tiburcio wants to become mega-successful and is always starting businesses in hopes of one day employing people to help him run his food trucks, clothing, and candy stores. His dream is to meet all his music heroes; become a luchador; make a movie with some of the biggest stars in the United States and Mexico; appear on Ellen; dance on Jennifer Lopez's World of Dance; and learn from from Don Francisco what it takes to run a successful TV show. 

Tiburcio dreams of one day having his own movie and weekly program on Television. 

Tiburcio's Mexican Store

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