Tiburcio makes GAINS ft. David Alvareeezy and The Natural

Tiburcio getting hurt while doing "fitness"with Gia. 

Tiburcio getting hurt while doing "fitness"with Gia. 

Tiburcio's Doctor orders him to get in shape. He first enlists the help of his friend, Gia, but that doesn't work out.







Gia Getting Hurt while doing "fitness" with Tiburcio.

Gia Getting Hurt while doing "fitness" with Tiburcio.

Not only does Tiburcio get hurt doing "Eskuats" (squats) and "almost dies", but Gia also gets hurt while teaching Tiburcio how to box. 





To speed things up, Tiburcio tries to join the gym, but finds it's too expensive. He calls and asks his niece to let him work out at her apartment complex's gym. This is where the story picks up:


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